Daylight Savings means more than just time change

MARQUETTE — When you move your clocks forward for Daylight Savings Time, you might just be excited for another hour of sleep.

But that spring forward means it’s time for an important safety check. Right around the time you change your clocks, you should also check your smoke detectors.

“They’re out of sight line, they’re out of mind a lot of times, so that’s why we refer them to change your clocks, check your battery, change your battery,” said Kirk Vogler, a firefighter for the Marquette Fire Department.

In a fire, smoke spreads quickly, and a smoke detector is your first line of defense against smoke inhalation. Most smoke detectors have a button on the front to test the device. If it makes a loud screeching sound, your smoke detector works. If not you’ll want to replace to battery or replace the device.

“It’s what alerts you if there’s something going on in an emergency in your house; smoke filling up or even carbon dioxide. That’s an odorless, tasteless gas, you won’t be able to recognize it until you start to develop the symptoms of the illness,” added Vogler.

The Marquette Fire Department has a free smoke detector program if you don’t have one. Households containing a member under the age of 14 or older than 65 qualify for the program. For more information, visit fire-smoke-alarm-pro.php