Trenary Outhouse Classic has “Team Poop on Cancer” flushing for the finish

ALGER COUNTY — We’ve passed the midpoint of winter but the second stretch could be the worst yet. More than 20 years ago the Trenary Outhouse Classic was created to break up the long U.P. winter.

The Trenary Outhouse Classic takes place this weekend. If it flushes it can be a part of the winter fun and excitement. Two sisters use this event to raise awareness for breast cancer as well as raise money for the Wig Salon at U.P. Health System–Marquette.

“I am an eight year breast cancer survivor, I was diagnosed back in 2007. I underwent chemotherapy and radiation and I lost my hair within the first 14 days. I was a person that ended up going to the wig salon and getting a wig and a hat that I could wear. It really made a difference in how I felt during treatment,” said Maryann Bernier.

Maryann and her sister Carol are “Team “Poop on Cancer.” Their outhouse has a breast cancer theme as they are hoping to have a bit of fun while supporting a very worthwhile cause.

“This years them is avoid a rack attack, get annual mammograms, so we will be asking for donations and we will be selling cupcakes, and of course you can go on Go Fund Me and search for “Team Poop On Cancer,” added Carol Mills, Co–Captain, “Team Poop on Cancer”.

The Trenary Outhouse Classic begins this Saturday at 2:00 p.m. in Trenary, registration begins at 11:30 a.m.

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