NMU golfers love their new toy

MARQUETTE – During the winter months, it’s difficult to do anything outside in the U.P., let alone play golf. But thanks to a new high tech toy, the men’s golf team at Northern Michigan University can now play as much golf as they want.

The NMU athletic department recently purchased a brand new, state of the art golf simulator. Golfers can play on different golf courses or just hit balls on the driving range. The simulator allows the NMU golf team to now practice 365 days a year.

“We were just really fortunate to collaborate with a company that has top notch hardware and software for us,” said NMU golf coach Kyle Wittenbach. “There’s nine different courses available for play. You can play a round of golf and practice on the range. There are also competitions like longest drive, closest to the pin, and other practice modes where you can do something specific to improve your game.”

“When we got out in the spring time to our first tournament, it was normally just get out there and try to hit the ball,” said NMU junior golfer Alex Palmer. “Now, we’re able to hit the ball, work on specific shots– draws, fades, wedges, and drivers. Everything is just awesome.”

“You couldn’t ask for anything better,” said NMU senior golfer Ayrton Mantha. “This thing just came in and I’m on the way out. I’m a little bit jealous of the new guys coming in because they get to use it for four years.”

Players use real golf balls when using the simulator, giving them the real feel that they’re used to out on the course. The simulator is open to the public.