Students learn about City Commission meeting

There were some special guests in attendance at tonight’s city commission meeting in Marquette.

Members of the Marquette Senior High School Student Government got an up close look at how the city commission runs their meetings, from approving agenda items to hearing public comments. It’s been a tradition in the city for quite some time.

“The student council comes every year and eight to nine members from student council usually attend. And it’s just a good experience for us to see how our city government works,” Student Council President Chloe Wilkinson said.

Students also had a chance to sit right beside the commissioners as they discussed items on the agenda. They even got to speak at the very end of the meeting and many of the students expressed their gratitude for an opportunity like this.

“It’s the responsibility of every citizen, I think, regardless of how old they are, to be civically involved. The older generation isn’t going to around forever and they’re going to need to be people to replace them who are involved in their community and organizations like the city commission,” said Student Council member Evan Bonsall.

Also in attendance were students from Northern Michigan University and members of the American Legion Auxiliary Girls State program.