Snowboarders and skiers gear up for Downtown Rail Jam

MARQUETTE — Get out your snowboards and skis because the third annual Downtown Showdown Rail Jam is taking place this weekend in Downtown Marquette.

Over 70 people will participate in the event, ranging from professionals to those who just want to have some fun. Organizers have seen the event grow over the years and expect a great turnout for this year’s installment.

“It was started as a way to bring people to the downtown and also as a way to help friends and family actually watch up close their family members as their skiing and snowboarding and to be able to do it in a unique place in downtown Marquette,” Laase–McKinney said.

The Rail Jam took place on Washington Street the last two years. Organizers have moved the location of this year’s action to a new location.

“This year we decided to move it to Front Street and in doing so, we give ourselves a lot more distance to be able to travel and give us a lot more options as far as what we can include in there,” said Laase–McKinney.

Online registration is still open until midnight tonight. Participants can also register the day of the event as well. For more information, click here.