MARQUETTE — While there are still a few days before this year’s Dancing With the Stars Marquette County Style couples are announced there is one couple that will be returning for an encore performance.

Last year’s Mirror Ball trophy winners Andy Langlois and his wife Stephanie Zadroga-Langlois will lace up their dancing shoes for one more bout of the pasodoble. They said their won’t be as much pressure since they won’t be competing.

“When somebody was holding the trophy,” Stehanie Zadroga-Langlois said, pointing to her husband Andy, “Lindsay asked, ‘Would you do it next year for us?’ and he said, ‘Sure!’ So nine months later that somebody went, ‘Remember what you said?'”

“What did I say?” Andy asked with a sardonic sigh.

Their moves might be a little rusty, but it draws to mind that saying about riding a bike.

“There hasn’t been very much dancing since [the competition], so we have to retrace our steps a little bit,” Stephanie said. “I hope it’s like riding a bike.”

“Riding a bike is easier,” Andy concluded.

Andy and Stephanie, as well as last year’s fan favorite winners Phil and Britta Pennell, will be on hand during next Tuesday’s cast reveal.

They will answer any questions the new cast has and ease any nerves the couples might have going into the competition.