NMU Black Student Union steps into roles of famous African-Americans

MARQUETTE — Students at NMU are celebrating Black History Month by stepping into the roles of famous African-Americans.

Members of the Black Student Union were posing in Jamrich Hall as prominent figures from the 1700s to the present day. They spanned Soujourner Truth to Trayvon Martin and many more.

“Just to educate them on anybody they might not know about, and just let everybody know what we know,” NMU BSU co–president Jeulani Gahiji said. “We just want to let everybody learn today about our black history and about anything else that they might not know about.”

The students also read short highlights of each historic person’s life. They feel it’s especially important to hold events like this since the Upper Peninsula lacks a large African-American population.

“Black history is American history,” Gahiji said. “We just want everybody to know our history, and we, as a people, have a place here, so that’s what we want everybody to know.”

Black Student Union members will also present the same historic figures at 2 p.m. Friday in the University Center. Several speakers on the subject of Black History Month will join them for the occasion.