We Energies makes offer that could end SSR payments

MARQUETTE — We Energies has made an offer that could eliminate System Support Resource payments it is collecting to operate the Presque Isle Power Plant.

The Empire and Tilden mines are currently buying power from the Presque Isle Power Plant again. We Energies has said that to protect its other customers it cannot stop collecting SSR payments without a long-term agreement with Cliffs Natural Resources.

We Energies said it extended an offer to Cliffs last week that would result in the end of the SSR payments if accepted.

“What we did last week is we had contacted the mines, and we proposed an offer in writing that stated that we would contact the midwest grid operator, which is known as MISO, to stop the SSR payments that are being made retroactive to February the 1st if the iron ore mines will simply assure us that they intend to remain a full requirements customer until the sale of the Presque Isle Power Plant is approved and completed,” said We Energies spokesman Brian Manthey.

The sale of the plant to UPPCO is expected to be completed this summer. ABC 10 has reached out to Cliffs Natural Resources to find out their take on the offer, but we have not heard back yet.