HOUGHTON — Ford Motor Company stopped by the Michigan Tech campus Monday to provide a special donation to the Women in Engineering program.

A ceremony was held at the McAllister Welcome Center to celebrate the $10,000 donation to the program. Ford’s Cynthia Hodges was present and she talked about her time at Michigan Tech in the Women in Engineering program.

“I came up here and I learned about what engineers did and I learned about Michigan Tech. I fell in love with place and with engineering and it made all the difference for me. It made me decide to pursue mechanical engineering for my education,” Hodges said.

Several women who attended the program also spoke about the lasting impact it had on their education and Hodges said it’s great to hear so many success stories.

“I can’t believe this program has been going on since 1974. I didn’t realize it had just started when I attended in ’80. It’s still going strong and to hear the lasting impact it made on student even still today is important,” said Hodges.

Each summer, the Women in Engineering program brings approximately 150 high school girls on campus to participate in classes and activities related to engineering careers.