February 13th Pasty Central Day in History

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Born on this day in 1923, Chuck Yeager, test pilot, first person to break the sound barrier in 1947. Along the way to that milestone, Yeager became part of a talented crew of aviators that included a young man from Michigan, Iven Carl Kincheloe, Jr. Kincheloe went on to become one of the Korean War’s ace pilots, earning the silver star and distinguished flying cross in 1952.

As a test pilot, this native of Michigan became the first to fly above an altitude of 100.000 feet, earning him the nickname of America’s #1 spaceman. After his death in a test flight crash in 1958 Kincheloe Air Force Base in Chippewa County in the eastern U.P. was renamed in his honor. Pasty Central Day in History, February 13th.