Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas

HOUGHTON/HANCOCK — If you’re just remembering Valentine’s Day is coming up on Saturday and you want to get something for that special someone in your life, where’s the best place to start?

The Flower Shop in Hancock has had a busy week so far and it will only get more busy as the week winds down.

“Lots of ordering to do, lots of stock to take care of, lots of cleaning flowers and preparing vases and just getting ready for a busy, busy holiday,” Missy Goulette said.

Not only do they have special Valentine’s Day cards to add to the gift, but they also have a wide assortment of flowers that will make your girl’s heart skip a beat.

“For Valentine’s Day, the most popular is the rose. We also sell many carnations, tulips, anything springy to get you out of the winter funk,” said Goulette.

But once you have the flowers, what else can you get? The Yummy Bar in Houghton is relatively new.

But the community has been very pleased and can’t get enough of their chocolates.

“They do. People really enjoy good chocolate. We have our local chocolateer, Andrea Aho, who does a fabulous job. And we have Catherine Anne from Chicago and we also have gluten free and vegan truffles,” Dana Bianco said.

So why is it when we think of Valentine’s Day, we immediately think of covering anything with chocolate?

“I think chocolate makes everything better and when you give someone the gift of chocolate and wine, or even craft beer, which I’m a huge fan of, it says “I’m thinking about you. I took the time to come and pick out the very best”,” said Bianco.

But if diamonds are her best friend, a stop into Laiti Jewlers in Houghton should be on your to-do list, no matter what kind of shiny rock you’re looking for.

“People have certain things that they would like to share with other people so we custom make quite a bit for Valentine’s Day. The biggest thing has probably been the shimmering diamond pendants this year that’s been so heavily advertised. Seems like the old fashioned heart thing isn’t as popular as it used to be,” Mark Butke said.

It is on the pricey side of the gift-giving scale.

But the reaction you will get from her when she opens the box will be priceless.

“Nowadays, I think it’s the idea that when you buy something, it does last. And I think that’s what people are looking for. Something that’s going to last forever. You take the time to pick something nice so you want it to go a long time,” said Butke.

So whether you get her flowers, chocolates, diamonds or all three, always remember the number one rule of Valentine’s Day: don’t forget about Valentine’s Day.