How to keep your brain healthy

Keeping yourself healthy is a goal of most people, but rarely do we think about keeping our brain healthy.

Brain health was the topic of a workshop yesterday at NMU. Titled “How to Effectively Feed and Nurture the Mind” it emphasized, positive thoughts, appropriate amounts of sleep, a healthy diet, and consistent physical activity and exercise as components of a healthy mind.

“We learned about how being positive in life helps your brain function better and improves all aspects of your life . It helps your overall attitude and helps your grades get better and your brain and help your brain function better,” said NMU Instructor, Ken Culp.

“You can change what you are and who you are by changing what goes into your mind,” said Culp. “By disciplining your mind to control it’s thoughts, By getting rid of the negative and choosing the positive, life becomes a hoot. I enjoy life it’s a hoot. Aside from a few aches and pains I feel like a 20 year-old.”

It also stressed the negative effects TV, social media and video games have on learning, memory and overall mental health. For more detailed information on the effects of modern technology on the brain visit