Winter Charm Art Gallery Warms the U.P.

The Peter White Library played host to a number of art pieces over the weekend that gives a warmer feel to winter.

Local artists had the opportunity to gather at the Winter Charm gallery and showcase some of their work and highlight the spirit and beauty of winters in the UP.

“It’s really a struggle to support yourself as an artist. They say that if you sell something locally that something like 50 cents on the dollar stays in your community. It’s good to support local artists,” said artist Kathleen Heidman-Rydholm.

Winter Charm is sponsored by the Lake Superior Art Association, the Marquette Arts and Cultural Center and the Peter White Public Library in hopes to show people a different view of winter.

“We have so much have so much winter here that we need to play it up and show everybody that we can enjoy winter even if it’s cold and we have tons of snow. Our art is a way to show appreciation for where we live and how much we can enjoy it,” said artist Diana Peterson.

“The Winter Charm exhibit is kind of a potpourri of different images and different perspectives. Everything from the sculpture to the paintings to the mobile that you were just looking at. It’s an eclectic view, the same way that no snowflake is the same as the next one,” added Heidman-Rydholm.

The event runs until the end of the month and artists as well as the public are welcome to attend. Winter Charm is open between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the Marquette Arts and Culture  Center in the lower level of the Peter White Public Library.