LANSING — Governor Snyder laid out his executive budget today, and it includes bumps in funding to education.

Specifically the governor is looking at K thru 12 education, community colleges and technical education.

“We need to do so much in the skilled trades areas,” he said.

He continued, “I want Michigan to be number one in the country. It’s a huge national problem, and it’s a great opportunity for us because that’s our background. We make things in Michigan and there’s so much more we can do. We need to make sure people know that being in the skilled trades is an honorable well-paying profession, and we need more young people and people looking for that next career to go into that great field.”

Governor Snyder also allocated over $7 million to train and employ more Michigan State Troopers.

He also laid out a 2% bump for public universities, pending they limit tuition hikes to, at most, 2.6%.