NMU students seek summer jobs

MARQUETTE — While the weather outside was far from summery, students at Northern Michigan University were on the lookout for summer jobs Wednesday afternoon.

NMU held its annual Summer Job Fair, which is an event where students get the chance to meet with potential employers to look for jobs and internships for when the warmer days roll around. February may seem early, but it’s an opportune time to look for summer positions.

“You wouldn’t think it, but employers tell us that’s when they want to hire their employees for the summer — is right now, and so you can see the job market must be pretty good right now because there’s an awful lot of employers here meeting with students,” said NMU Career Services Assistant Director Steven LaFond.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to meet people that are looking for jobs,” said Trooper Andy Rigling of the Michigan State Police, “and we’re looking at hiring many people through the next number of years, so it’s a fabulous opportunity.”

“Typically we have a lot of good luck hiring students from Northern,” Justine Henry, personnel manager at Lakeshore Photography said. “There is a very good talent pool here.”

Students from a variety of majors were able to explore opportunities from the plethora of potential employers.

“I’m a yoga instructor, so it would be really nice to find somewhere local and to help out in the community,” said Devin Moore, a community health education student, “and yeah, there’s some really great opportunities outdoors-wise, and just really anything you could think of.”

“I think it was a very good experience. It was very well organized in my opinion, and it’s just really good — a very good variety of jobs that they offer,” said electrical technology student Wesley Zegan. “It was a great time.”

The Summer Job Fair is one of four fairs held by NMU each year. The Upper Great Lakes Collegiate Job Fair is next, and that takes place March 25th.