MSP partners with truckers to combat human trafficking

MARQUETTE — With the issue of human trafficking becoming more prevalent, the Michigan State Police are doing their part to educate truckers and those in the travel plaza industry to combat human trafficking.

This month, the MSP’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is partnering with Truckers Against Trafficking for an initiative to inform truckers on how to stop someone involved in human trafficking.

Lieutenant Steve Harmon said the training will be done statewide to keep everyone more aware about what they should be looking for.

“We have officers that have been trained to go to local truck stops and field plazas, and educate the managers and owners for signs of what they could expect or what they should be looking for these people that are trafficking these young children,” Lt. Harmon said.

Harmon added that being able to spot someone involved in a human trafficking incident is something an average person can do and said there are a few things you should do if you see a suspicious vehicle.

“Get a hold of the Trucker Against Trafficking resource center. They do have a website and also there’s another link on the website, or you can call 911 and just report it and let somebody know,” said Harmon.

Truckers Against Trafficking is a non–profit organization that has developed human trafficking materials for the trucking industry including a training video, wallet cards, window decals and other training resources that contain indicators of human trafficking.