Jasiri X visits NMU for Black History Month

Hip Hop artist and activist Jasiri X was on the NMU campus today as part of their Black History Month Program.

Jasiri received notoriety from his hit song “Free The Jena 6.” Since then he has gone on to be an internet sensation with millions of internet views and is the founding member of an anti–violence group. He said giving his voice to the students at NMU is just a start of the positive change that can take place.

“The power is in our hands, I feel like our generation is the generation that will make the necessary changes. America can be the place it is suppose to be, freedom and justice for all, all these things that we hear, but we are not there yet,” said Activist, Jasiri X.

“I have noticed a lot of my brothers and sisters that were struggling and transferring out because of the same issue I was having, but becoming the Vice President of the Black Student Union, I feel like it is very prominent for not only the black race but all ethnicities to feel welcome on this campus,” said the Vice President of the Black Student Union, Azairian Cartman.

Black History Month activities continue with “Beyonce, Life is but a Dream” film, to air on Feb. 13th. The film, “Freedom Summer” will showcase on Feb 20th. And “Four Little Girls” will conclude the film series on February 27th, as this bombing, activated the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.