MARQUETTE — Actors at Northern Michigan University are getting ready for a heart warming and engaging production this month.

It’s a production that challenges the actors skills in a way that no other production has as well as the director in delivering a story that sets itself apart.

The show is called Tribes. It follows Billy, who is deaf but raised by a hearing family, and his new friend Sylvia, who was raised by deaf parents and is losing her own hearing.

Amanda Woods, who plays Sylvia, said the two are trapped between a deaf and hearing world.

“The play deals with a lot of family and I think everyone can relate to that and everyone is going to take something away from it. Be it what it may, there’s a lot of stuff that happens,” said Woods, who is a senior Theater and Entertainment Arts major.

“I believe that it has a great story to tell and it also is a show that’s going to make you walk away possibly questioning your own feelings and nature towards family life,” added Jessica Bays, who plays Billy’s mother.

The show opens Tuesday at the James A. Panowski Black Box Theatre and will run through Saturday. There will be another set of performances from February 17th through the 21st.

Shows start at 7:30 p.m. with a 1 p.m. matinee on Saturdays

Tickets are $15 for the public and $10 for students.