Pulling an “All-Nighter” in Houghton

HOUGHTON – Many consider it the climax to Winter Carnival week but to the students, tonight’s festivities at Michigan Tech is simply called The “All-Nighter.”

The campus was filled with games to keep everyone excited and entertained. There was also an opportunity to take green screen pictures that make it look like you’re someplace much warmer.
Blue Key President Andrew Conley said there’s a lot going on – all night.

“The all–nighter statues are being built tonight. We’ve got a bunch of student organizations that will vending, selling food and fundraising for their organizations. And music, dancing, playing and a lot of fun,” Conley said

This also the last chance for groups to work on their snow statues before judging. The students usually work up until the last second to give themselves the best chance at finishing first.

“All the student organizations you can see, they’re doing their last bit of slushing. They’re getting the white snow and they’re packing it on the statues. And finishing off those details that judges really look for in the morning when they judge,” said Conley.

Judging will begin tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.