The benefits of vinyl windows

If your windows are old, drafty, and a pain to open and close, you may want to consider a replacement project this year.
Vinyl windows remain the most popular choice and not just because they’re the most affordable option.

Today’s vinyl windows have come a long way.

“When vinyl windows first came out they were generally an all–white product and that was the only thing available. Now they have many different exterior colors as well as interior finishes including wood grains of various hues and solid colors on the inside as well to match interior trims of most modern homes,” said Mark Fadely, a vinyl window installer.

In addition to being an energy saver, vinyl is also an attractive option for people who live in noisy neighborhoods.

“Noise reduction is one of the first things that customers notice when new vinyl windows are installed and for the ultimate noise reduction the triple pane glass with three panes to protect against noise transfer is the best way to go,” Fadely added.

Another big plus? Very little upkeep.

“If you have older windows in your home, replacing with vinyl windows can be a really low–maintenance option for you and they are easy to clean,” said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List.

“Vinyl windows are really very economical in comparison to most of the other window types on the market as far as wood and fiber glass alternatives,” Fadely said.

While vinyl windows are cost effective, window replacement is an expensive project –easily costing more than $10,000. But Angie’s List says it offers one of the highest returns on investment – at least 70 percent.

“You can have a strong return of investment on your window replacement depending on the type of windows you are replacing with vinyl. You are not only going to get energy efficiency, but also some appreciation on the value of your home,” Hicks added.

Whether you go with vinyl or another option, Angie’s List says you should always get three bids and make sure your window installer has experience with the type of material you want.