HOUGHTON — Last summer, Copper Country Habitat for Humanity held a special ceremony for a family that was in need of a home.

This weekend, the hard work will pay off.

Christina Lantto is the proud new owner of a home on the corner of Frue and Dodge Streets in Houghton. Organizers say 130 people put in about 1,500 volunteer hours into building the house and the family is ready to move in.

“Christina’s super excited,” Copper Country Habitat for Humanity office coordinator Emily Dekker–Fiala said. “She’s a single mom. She has raised four kids on her own and never had much more than a car to her name. But she’s kept herself debt free and they’re just real excited and she intends to be in here for the rest of her life.”

The house is specially designed with many energy–efficient features.

Lantto said the community’s involvement exemplifies how hard work pays off.

“It’s a wonderful thing. It really is. Now we have a brand new home to go home to, nice and warm. And I get to look at it and say “I helped build that, I helped do that”. It’s a good feeling,” Lantto said.

The dedication ceremony will take place at the house at 1:30 p.m. Saturday

The entire community is invited to welcome the Lanttos into their new home.