24/7 smoking ban at Marquette Area Public Schools

MARQUETTE — A new 24/7 smoking ban for Marquette Area Public Schools.

This ban would include students, teachers and guests before during and after all school classes and activities. To be clear, this does include any and all sporting activities as well. The “Healthy Schools Action Team” hopes to create a healthier environment for students.

“We want to be positive role models and examples for the kids and I think that that certainly starts with the adults. If we truly want to be a healthy school we know that there are some issues, health risks that come with smoking,” said School Superintendent, Bill Saunders.

The Marquette Area Public School Board met tonight to discuss the issue. Currently smoking is not permitted on school grounds during school hours. The ban, if approved, would include all forms of tobacco, including e–cigarettes, cigars and chewing tobacco.