ISHPEMING — Three Northern Michigan University students from Chicago will be our guests at noon this Sunday on ABC 10 for In Focus with news director Greg Peterson.

The students explain the importance and relevance of the Martin Luther King legacy. Plus they discuss Black History Month every February and other issues.

“Today we still have the same thing, we still have killings, we still have people that discriminate and we still have segregation, said NMU Junior Azairian Cartman, who is an international studies major with a minor in military science. Obvious discrimination and racism “is not out there, it’s hidden, it’s out there in the form of new Jim Crow Laws.”

“It’s out there in the form of Mass incarceration (because courts) are not being colorblind,” Cartman said on In Focus. “What does MLK mean to you?” asked ABC 10 News Director Greg Peterson.

“I am a visual person, I see Dr. King as a visionary,” said Julian Gaines, an NMU football player, and a junior studying art and design. Dr. King’s message is a “very big thing to our society as Americans.”

“No matter what color or background, we all can relate or should be able to relate to Dr. King’s message,” Gaines said.

Black History Month “is really important” and those who care “should speak out about things people do not know about,” said Jeulani Gahiji, an NMU junior and studying Business and entrepreneurship.

“Educate people about our past, our history and the things we are doing now,” Gahiji said.

To see more, watch In Focus with new director Greg Peterson this Sunday at noon on ABC 10.