MARQUETTE — One of the annual events that Kiwanis Club members volunteer for every year is just about here.

Organizers of the Noquemanon Ski Marathon say the 17th annual edition is shaping up to be a banner year. The three–day event takes place beginning Friday.

Besides cross–country skiing, the weekend will also include snowshoeing, snow biking, skijoring and Junior Noque.

The race looks to be off to a flying start.

“Number one, the weather is going to be wonderful,” Noquemanon Trail Network executive director Nicole Dewald said. “Number two, our course is exceptional, and number three, our race registrations are climbing. We are hoping to hit above 1,200 this year.”

Nicole Dewald said the magic number of skiers they’re looking for is 1,250. That’s the current record, which they set two years ago.

An influx of volunteers to help staff the events has come in in the last week or so.

“We’re doing great on volunteers, and I just want to thank the outside community for all their efforts to help us have a wonderful race this year,” Dewald said. “We are still looking for people for our Sunday events.”

To volunteer, or to get more information about the race weekend, you can go online to, or call (906) 235–6861.