LANSING — Governor Rick Snyder delivered his annual State of the State address Tuesday night and spoke about the usual suspects: job growth, unemployment, and tourism.

In addition the governor addressed the need for more career technical training programs and invasive species. He stressed the importance of middle colleges and dual enrollment programs, giving a shout out to the Marquette Alger Technical Middle College.

“It was a combination of Eagle Mine, a company, coming together with Northern Michigan University and the school districts in both Marquette and Alger County to say, ‘Let’s create a middle college,'” Governor Snyder said. “For those of you that don’t know a middle college is an opportunity to get your high school diploma and either a technical certificate, or credits towards an associate degree, or an associate degree in five years.”

Governor Snyder also gave praise to those who helped avert possible raised energy costs in the U.P.

The Democratic response was issued by State Senator David Knezek of the 5th District He called on Michigan’s legislators to drop partisan curtains.

“It’s time for every elected official to take a stand for the people that we serve, and send a message across Michigan that partisanship for the sake of partisanship is the enemy of progress,” Senator Knezek said.

Governor Snyder also said 2015 was the year to step forward on invasive species, determining priority areas and putting in place early detection sites.