U.P. experiencing severe climate change

MARQUETTE — Presenters at the Peter White Public Library say the Upper Peninsula is experiencing severe climate change.

The consequences can be disastrous if precautions are not taken. A Climate Consequences and Carbon Pricing presentation was held tonight at the Peter White Public Library. Presenters say community action can make a difference. But education and action are key. ‘Carbon Pricing’ is one way they say, can make a difference.

“Carbon pricing is a way of using the market to put an actual price on carbon so that we can pay for the damages that have already occurred, and also have ways of dealing with the damages that are to come because of the great uncertainty coming with all of the changes in our climate,” said Jennifer Hill, Program Manager, Superior Watershed Partnership.

“There is a new law that allows for solar panels to be financed using property taxes so there is a way in which the cost can be done with renewable energy. People think, ‘Renewable energy; How can that work in the U.P.? And, it is being show that it can be done in Europe which is the same latitude that we are,” said Hill.

Ms. Hill adds that Houghton is a prime example of successfully implementing renewable energy efforts and they’re close to winning five million dollars for their efforts.