Kingsford’s school superintendent decides to not fire Coach Hofer

KINGSFORD — With some students and parents asking for the Kingsford varsity football coach, Chris Hofer, to be fired; we have a response today from the school superintendent.

Accusations of varsity football coach, Chris Hofer, about being verbally abusive and too forceful with players, got students and parents upset, calling for action to be taken. But not all were opposed to coach Hofer’s controversial coaching style.

“You can’t do that stuff. The kids are nervous, some feel nervous, some are afraid to play. We have a good program here and we just need change,” said Edward Kowalkowski, a concerned parent.

“It’s football, there’s yelling in football. This is Flivver football. I mean we’re passionate, we care,” said Austin Stanchina, current Flivver football player.

School Superintendent Craig Allen listened to complaints last Friday and today met with us regarding this decision to move the team forward.

“We determined that the best course of action for our school at the present time was to continue with the same staffing with some significant changes in operations. We set up an action plan and approved the draft of this coach’s code of conduct. Getting people on board with what we need to do to move forward to be the best program we can,” said Superintendent of Breitung Township Schools, Craig Allen.

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