Men who let dogs maul wounded coyote arrested for animal cruelty

BESSEMER — Two western U.P. men are charged with felony animal cruelty after video of a wounded coyote being attacked by hunting dogs turned up on YouTube last year.

The Gogebic County Prosecutor’s Office is not releasing the suspects’ names, or any other information about them.

However, and numerous other media outlets are reporting that the men are both from Ironwood and are 45 and 34 years old. also reports that the suspects have not been arraigned yet in District Court.

County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Adams said Thursday afternoon that the two are also facing several misdemeanor counts, including failing to promptly kill a wounded game animal.

The charges result from the DNR following up on a complaint to the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department after several videos turned up on YouTube last year.

Adams says one of the two suspects is believed to have posted the videos, which have since been taken down.