Law Enforcement Appreciation Day promotes the thin blue line

MARQUETTE — To show their support for police across the country, Concerns of Police Survivors, C.O.P.S., is promoting January 9th as Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Marquette County Sheriff Mike Lovelace said despite sentiments across the country, he and his deputies feel appreciated each and every day.

“I’m sure on a weekly basis I receive notes and letters from citizens telling me what an outstanding job Deputy So-and-So did,” Sheriff Lovelace said, “I hear it, too, when I’m out there in the street, and wherever I go, people will approach me and say, ‘hey, I had a really awesome experience with your deputy’.”

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is an effort encouraging people to thank an officer on the street, send a thank-you card to your local department or share a positive law enforcement experience story via social media.

Sheriff Lovelace added that many people, especially those protesting the police, might have a change of heart if they were to walk a mile in an officer’s shoes.

“It’s hard to judge people unless you’ve been there,” he said. “Do we have bad cops? Yeah. I’ve fired a few here as Marquette County sheriff. They break the law, they make mistakes, they violate policies and procedures, I fire them.”

In addition to showing appreciation for police officers, C.O.P.S. also serves as a support group for families who have lost a police officer father, mother, husband, or wife.

“They’re providing all kinds of support: emotional, sometimes, right away, financial support for the family, for the kids,” Lovelace said.

At the end of they day, whether they feel appreciated or not, Sheriff Lovelace, his deputies, and the myriad officers across the country will still wake up each day ready to serve their communities.

“We swore and pledged an oath to serve and protect and we will,” Lovelace concluded.