Municipal Services Center moving, 5 possible locations

Where to relocate the City of Marquette’s new Municipal Services Center. That’s the question boggling the minds of city officials, so they’ve asked for the public to give them some ideas on finding an appropriate 12-acre space.

A townhall meeting was held tonight to get the ball rolling on Duke Lifepoint taking over the city’s Municipal Service Center building. With the building needing to be relocated a lot needs to be done in a short period of time. City officials updated everyone one some of the possible locations and asked for suggestions.

“The facility is going to house all of the public works equipment. Whether or not the engineering department will be located there or not will be up to our consultants. We want to reproduce the building in a more efficient manner, maybe smaller but definitely more energy efficient,” said Mayor Mike Coyne.

Right now the top 5 possibilities include, McClellan Avenue and Division Street, Armory National Guard Building, Armory Field, North Ball Fields or the Wright Street property adjacent to NMU service Center.