Iron Mountain meth cook accepts plea agreement

IRON MOUNTAIN — An Iron Mountain man appeared in Dickinson County Circuit Court this morning regarding his involvement in a meth lab at 703 West B Street in late October.

34–year–old Charles Slaton plead guilty to three counts, including operating and maintaining a meth lab, operating and maintaining a meth lab in the presence of a minor, and retail fraud in the first degree.

Slaton explained what happened in relation to each count to Judge Richard Celello. He said that meth was being made in the garage of the residence, which was rented by his fiancée. He also acknowledged that a minor was on the premises during the production of meth.

“What was the age of the minor?” asked Judge Celello.

“Seven months…seven months,” replied Slaton.

Celello continued, asking,”is that your child?”

“Yes, sir,” Slaton answered.

The meth charges carry a maximum 20–year sentence each, while retail fraud carries a maximum five–year penalty. Initially charged with seven counts, four of them were dismissed as part of a plea agreement.

The agreement stipulates that Slaton must pay restitution to the Breitung Township Walmart for $1000 or more in stolen merchandise. He must also pay his landlord for damage to the house. In addition, Slaton is jointly and severally liable to pay $550 to the drug cleanup team.

Erica Courney, Slaton’s 23–year–old co–defendant, had already plead guilty to one charge of operating and maintaining a meth lab.

Slaton will attend a sentencing hearing on February 17th, while Courney will be sentenced on January 19th.