Extra patrols hitting the road for New Year’s Eve

MARQUETTE COUNTY — Residents will be hitting the town to celebrate the New Year across the Upper Peninsula Wednesday night, and the Michigan State Police want to make sure everyone gets to and from their destinations safely.

Extra troopers will be on patrol New Year’s Eve watching for drunk drivers. Police take a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to drinking and driving, and they encourage the public to get a designated driver.

“If we’re going to be your designated driver, you destination won’t be home, so get a designated driver and avoid the problems,” Michigan Sate Police Sgt. Kevin Dowling said. “Just don’t get behind the wheel, because your life or someone else’s life is too important, so start off the new year on a good foot.”

Sgt. Dowling said in the past few years, New Year’s Eve has become less of an evening where people go out to bars and stay out late, but that doesn’t mean there will fewer police patrolling the streets.

“Because of a lot of awareness on law enforcement’s part and society in general, (New Year’s Eve) is obviously an evening where everyone expects that there will be strict enforcement, and that doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t (less enforcement).” he said. “I think what we’ve seen is a trend towards awareness that drinking and driving — particularly on New Year’s Eve — is not a good idea.”

Troopers will be looking for drivers that have trouble operating their vehicles, whether it be on the road or during a traffic stop.