Have some old time Christmas fun with a sleigh ride

ISHPEMING — Around the holidays people are looking for some seasonal fun as adults are off work and kids are out of school.  What better way to enjoy time off than with an open sleigh ride?

Pond House Ponies in Ishpeming sits on 33 acres of land with five horses.  They offer horse drawn sleigh rides, hay rides and bobsledding.  You can also warm up with a post ride bonfire.

The horses are Norwegian Fjords and while you might think the fun is all about you, the horses are not against having a bit of fun as well.

“You have to give good instructions and be fair and if you do that they will start cooperating and have fun,” The Sleighman said.  “That’s the idea that they have fun too and they want to go out and they want to participate.”

“The whole thing I guess, just being out and something nice to do in the wintertime,” Bethany Firby said.

“(We’re) probably going on the sleigh and then warming up at the bonfire afterward, drinking some coffee and hot cocoa,” Ashley Klaasen said.

For some, the sunset sleigh ride is the best way to see the U.P. and properly enjoy the winter.

But, this farm is not just about horses.  It comes complete with chicks, ducks, a cat, and a couple of dogs.  And Lily joins in on the fun whenever she can.

“It’s unique, there are not many places where you can get something like this.  The track that we have goes in and out of the woods, not just around a field or in a park somewhere in town. You’re out in the country.  It’s nice, diverse woods and cute track and we show off. We do fancy turns and people are astonished that you can get the cooperation from the animal.”

With winter magic and postcard perfect sights all around, an open sleigh ride is perfect for families, paramours, or an exciting afternoon with friends –just be prepared to eat some snow.

Pond Houses Ponies can be found or Facebook or visit Sleighman.com for some winter fun.