A Victorian Christmas Celebration at the Marquette Regional History Center

There are lots of ways to celebrate Christmas. Each family carries on or starts it’s own tradition but a lot of the traditions that we carry forward today come from the Victorian Era. The Regional History Center in Marquette brought a bit of Victorianism back to the U.P. with a Victorian Christmas Celebration. bells and chimes were a crucial part of the sing–a–long program.

Everyone was invited and taught the proper way to incorporate bell and chime ringing into traditional Christmas songs. Victorian Christmas crafts and ornament making traditions were also shared.

“Misletoe for example was something that was started back in the Victorian times and is still very popular today. Sending a Christmas card was something that was started at that time. Setting a Victorian table was a really elaborate affair with lots of flatware and a dish for everything. Today I think we kind of simplified that a little bit but the whole presentation I think is still a really important part of a holiday feast.,” said Executive Director, Kaye Heibel of the Marquette Regional History Center.

Traditional ginger ale, figgy pudding, cream puffs and ginger snaps were also part of the teachings, along with take home recipes. But an ol’time favorite always seems to always steal the show.

“I think the Christmas tree itself was really a wonderful thing. The Victorians sort of overdid everything that was their thing so when you see the exhibit you are just amazed at all of the detail they put into everything.

The Victorian era exhibit highlights interesting tidbits from the 1840’s til the 1900’s. The exhibit “Victorianism in Upper Michigan” runs until the end of December.