Sandy Knoll students spread holiday cheer

MARQUETTE — Students at Sandy Knoll Elementary School are getting the community into the holiday spirit with a series of musical programs.

Third-graders were the first to spread holiday cheer Tuesday morning with a program that featured a number of unique carols, including a hip-hop song about a turkey. Students worked hard to learn their music and get ready for the large crowd of parents and loved ones who came to see the show.

“The kids are excited. The parents are excited,” Sandy Knoll principal Kevin Hooper said. “They’ve been working on this for over a month. They take the music home. They practice it at home, at school, in their music classes. They’re ready.”

The holiday program is held annually as part of the students’ music education.

“I watch him as he grows throughout these shows,” said Sabrina McNichol, a parent of one of the performers. “The first couple ones, he was nervous and only lip–[synced], and this one, he actually got into it and sang and did a solo, which he’s never done before, which was awesome.”

“We do it every year because it is a highlight,” Hooper added. “The holiday program is just something parents, students, and family members enjoy. It’s just a lot of fun.”

First-graders and fifth-graders got to show off their musical skills in the afternoon.