MARQUETTE — Walking through a winter wonderland.

The Upper Peninsula already looks like a winter wonderland most of the time, and now you can experience the fun  through an inside winter wonderland at the Peter White Public Library.

Groups have been decorating their trees for the library’s 20th annual Winter Wonderland Walk.  The walk features dozens of Christmas trees decorated with different themes by various Marquette County families and organizations.

Some ornaments are even homemade.

“We made some little crafts with the kids today at the library and they’re snowman tea lights and the kids decorated (them) with earmuffs and hats,” Mom’s Club of Marquette County member Anita Nuth said.  “We do this every year at the library with the Mom’s Club and we sponsor a tree and the kids hand-make ornaments and hang them up on the tree.”

The trees are spread throughout the library and are on display through January 2.  Many residents come from all across the U.P. to take a walk through the trees.

“It’s a great way to celebrate the holidays, just to celebrate what makes the U.P. so special, especially Marquette County.  It highlights the good things in the community and it’s just a festive, fun thing to do.  There’s no obligations to any certain religion or anything, people come and celebrate what makes their part of the U.P. special,” Peter White Public Library programming coordinator Margaret Boyle said.

“We have visitors that come all month long, from all over the U.P. to see this tree display and they make a day of it.  It’s one of their holiday stops-to come to Marquette and enjoy the festivities in town as well as the trees here in the library.”

The Winter Wonderland walk officially opens Sunday at 1 p.m.  Sunday is also the library’s holiday open house, featuring a sing-a-long and refreshments.  For a list of open house events–and other events at the library–click here.