A much debated topic in the U.P. is mining and the ramifications on the environment and quality of life for generations to come.

An independent organization known as the Community Environmental Monitoring Program or CEMP in conjunction with the Superior Watershed Partnership held a public meeting tonight to deliver the recent report card on the Eagle Mine.

CEMP monitors and verifies permit requirements for groundwater, surface water, wildlife, plant life, as well as additional monitoring of potential mining impacts including air quality and transportation routes. So far there are no red flags that they have found.

“Overall I would say we are pleased but we are really there just to evaluate there performance. We would like the public to essentially take the information we have and that we provide and make an informed decision,” said Natasha Koss, Program Manager, SWP/CEMP.

Although the monitoring is paid for by the Eagle Mine, Koss says they operate 100 percent free and clear of the mine’s influence. They even encourage the public to monitor their monitors. They invite anyone to view the reports at www.cempmonitoring.com or if you have questions you can call 906/228 6095.