Tree decorated for Marquette Township’s tree lighting

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — The countdown to Christmas is on, and so is the countdown to Marquette Township’s annual tree lighting ceremony.

A 30-foot blue spruce was cut down last week in Ken Ceckiewicz said yard over a week ago.  He donated the tree to the township and it will be on display all month long at the Westwood Mall to celebrate the holidays.

The tree was getting decorated Monday, just in time for the township’s tree lighting ceremony that takes place Tuesday.  However, there was someone who tried to stop the decorating.

“The Grinch was here and he is trying to steal the lights off the Christmas tree, and I guess he will be at Applebee’s tomorrow too, at about six o’clock. He usually goes in and he likes the hors d’oeuvres,” Marquette Township community events committee member LeAnne Kachmarsky said.

The tree lighting includes music from the Marquette Redman Chorale, pictures with Santa, hot chocolate, and a sleigh ride with caroling.

“This is a true community event and everybody is welcome from all over to this and it’s just to bring people together in the spirit of Christmas,” Kachmarsky said.

The festivities kick off Tuesday at 6 p.m.  And, there is word that the Grinch will make another attempt to steal Christmas from the township, so sheriff deputies will be standing by to catch him in the act.