“African Guitar Summit” brings 2014 “Northern Nights” to a close

If you are a music lover and wanted to hear some authentic guitar playing, Northern Michigan University was the place to be this evening. Their Northern Nights series hosted the “African Guitar Summit.”

“African Guitar Summit” consists of five solo guitar masters from Guinea, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda and Madagascar. The collective group has won the Juno award which is similar to the Grammy’s here in the States. The group says their music is a mosaic of the different rhythmic styles that each country has to offer.

The drummer was from Burundi. Tonights’ performance was also helped along and made possible by the help of Senator Debbie Stebanow, she helped with getting a Visa for one of the guitarists.

Northern Nights has several 2015 performances scheduled, visit www.nmu.edu/northernnights. for the lineup.