Pasty Central Day in History, November 18th

Written by Pasty Central

On this day in 1819, Territorial Governor Lewis Cass penned a letter to John Calhoun – Secretary of War and future vice president – proposing exploration of lands along the southern shores of Lake Superior. Cass desired contact with Indians in the region to explain the position of the U.S. Government toward them, gather information about the existence of copper, and perhaps purchase land.

Today is the birthday of William S. Carlson of Ironwood, born in 1905, who served as principal of 3 high schools and president of 4 state universities.

Finally on this day in 1958 the first freighter to pass through the new MacArthur Lock at the Soo – the SS Carl D Bradley – sank near Charlevoix in a violent storm, losing all but 2 of its 35 man crew.