HOUGHTON —  Hard work.  Motivation.  The two things you need before you step into the weight room in Houghton High School.

Along with great equipment, kids at the school have another great tool available to them: a knowledgeable instructor.  Jeff Hauswirth has published his second book, Now You Have No Excuses in as many years and he said he wanted to make it a little different than his first, which mostly dealt with weightlifting.

“I wanted to write a book for people who weren’t into weights or maybe were a little nervous about going to a weight room or in public. So this is a workout program that you can do at home and you really don’t need a lot of space. You don’t need any special equipment. All you need is your body and your motivation to get going,” he said.

His students practice many of the same workouts in the book, which are designed to fit any age group and experience level.

ABC 10 asked him what is the hardest part about getting people motivated to workout.

“Breaking through that initial first…getting started,” he said.  “I always figure it’s about that first two weeks and if you can get past the first two weeks, then you’re pretty well in.”

You can purchase the book from most online book stores or head to the publisher’s website at liferichpublishing.com. But if be warned, once you read this book, you will have no excuses to workout.