The Calumet Theater raising funds to help with repairs

CALUMET — For almost 115 years, the Calumet Theater has been a mainstay in the Copper Country, providing a great venue for entertainment, education and community activities.

But the wear and tear over the years has left a mark on the building and it needs some help.  The theater recently received a brand new furnace and replaced the stage roof that had been leaking for almost ten years.

Executive director Laura Miller said the theater’s upcoming Grand Raffle will hopefully generate funds to pay those repairs off but they need to sell all 1,000 tickets by December 5th. She added the raffle is one of their only avenues of funding for repairs like these.

“Our regular budget does not support building maintenance,” she said. “This building is owned by the Village of Calumet and unfortunately, the village is a very poor village and we share this building with them, and so we need to have the building suitable for our patrons for everything that we do.”

Miller said the water damage from the various leaks has become extensive throughout the entire building and donations would be greatly appreciated to help with those expenses.

“We probably have over $30,000 worth of damaged plaster, paint that has chipped and that sort of thing, which we do eventually want to hopefully spruce up,” she said.

If you’d like more information about the Grand Raffle or if you want to make any kind of contribution, head to their website at