Copper Country residents raising money for teen recovering from brain surgery

HOUGHTON — Tomorrow night at the Rozsa Center, Wesley’s Warriors will be hosting a special event called “There’s No Place Like Home – Life Reimagined”. If that line sounds familiar, it’s because the event will feature a Wizard of Oz theme.

All of this to celebrate Wesley Hyslop, 14, who was suffering from a tumor on the pineal gland in his brain. This led to severe headaches, difficulty with vision and nosebleeds. After finding a doctor in Houston willing to take on his situation, Wesley had successful surgery in August.

His mother says he is now, for the most part, symptom-free.

“Now he’s in recovery in a sense that we’re building his stamina. When you have brain surgery, it takes a long time to heal. And being as fatigued as he has been all of these months, he’s got to rebuild,” Mary Sue Hyslop said.

All in all, it’s a time for friends, family and the community to rally around Wesley and admire his brave journey.

“We had experts behind us that said ‘you’re on the right path. You’re going to run into this. Stay brave, stay strong. You’ll get to the point where you are ready to do this.’ I just never thought it would happen,” Mary Sue said.

The fun starts at 6:00. There is no cost for the event, but donations are greatly appreciated.