NEGAUNEE — While the winter storm may have driven one group indoors for their Veterans Day ceremony, it didn’t drive away the spirit of the occasion.

In Negaunee, members of VFW Post 3165 paid their respects to fallen comrades from their city and the surrounding area by listing the names of those residents who lost their lives in past wars.

“The VFW here has read the names aloud every year since 1945,” said VFW Post Officer Tom Stanaway. “There are quite a few of course from World War II, and the next amount of names come from World War I, and then Korea, and then Vietnam.”

Stanaway had a word of advice for residents looking to show honor to all of those who have served in the armed forces on land, air, and sea.

“The best way that the public can ever honor (veterans) – whether it’s Memorial Day or Veterans Day – is to fly the flag,” Stanaway added. “No other piece of material in anyone’s house is more precious than the flag itself.”

After memorializing dozens of veterans at the ceremony, attendees gathered to break bread and socialize.