Tips to stay safe this Halloween

MARQUETTE — Halloween is the deadliest night of the year for pedestrians, and the Michigan State Police want to remind parents and kids to be safe while trick-or-treating.

Troopers suggest trick-or-treating as early as possible to avoid walking around at night, making sure kids have a parent with them, and to watch out while walking between parked cars.  It’s also important to tick-or-treat in a well lit neighborhood.

“You want to make sure you’re in a neighborhood that you know and that you go to people’s houses that you know and that their porch light is on,” MSP Trooper Stacey Rasanen said. “You want to make sure your child has reflective gear, lighter clothing, a flashlight–something so that they’re visible and that other people can see them.”

The weather forecast Friday is looking a little cold and snowy, and taking precautions can prevent any injuries.

“If it’s slippery out make sure you’re not running, it seems like children want to get to the house and get to the candy but an adult needs to make sure that they slow down and that they’re paying attention,” Rasanen said. “Also when they’re done trick-or-treating we want to make sure that an adult checks the candy to make sure the candy is safe for the child.”

Trooper Rasanen also said if parents see anything suspicious on Halloween to call their local law enforcement agency.