Houghton’s Treat Street a sweet success

HOUGHTON — Ghostbusters.  A ninja.  An ogre.  You could pretty much find anyone walking the streets of downtown Houghton last Friday during the annual Treat Street celebration.

Nearly 2,000 residents went door-to-door to the local business who were passing out candy and trying their best to make their establishment as spooky as possible.  So how do organizers keep bringing these people back?

“Houghton’s a good area,” Lt. Nick Roberts with the Houghton Police Department said.  “We get along good with the community.  They get along great with us.  It’s like anything else.  You keep doing something, they keep coming back.”

The line for the haunted house inside city hall stretched out far and even as the day got darker, the crowd seemed to get bigger.

“Each year we try to step it up a little bit. We get more Treat Street bags. It’s just a huge success for us. It’s probably our biggest event of the year so far,” Roberts said.

Needless to say, this year’s treat street was a great success and a nice preview for this weekend’s Halloween festivities.