Christine Pesola recipient of the 2014 Evergreen Award

MARQUETTE — A Marquette resident was honored Monday afternoon for being a visionary for women and children.

Christine Pesola was awarded with the 2014 Evergreen Award.

Pesola was surprised she was nominated.  When she saw her family appear at the awards luncheon, she started to get nervous.

“That was kind of when…then I really started…getting nervous,” Pesola said.  “I’m kind of numb.  I’m surprised.  I’m just very humbled by it.”

The selection committee chose Pesola as the recipient because of her involvement with a number of Marquette organizations and gives back to the community.

“This year in particular, I think Christine is the epitome of what Evergreen’s all about,” Evergreen Award Selection Committee member Nheena Weyer Itnner said.  “She’s such an amazing mentor and she’s an amazing community citizen.  She gives to everything and everyone, and I was really pleased to be able to give her this award this year.”

“I guess just being recognized by people I’ve worked with for so many years.  The last 18-20 years of doing things with my rotary club or in the community and then all of a sudden to have all those people that are so deserving recognize my efforts is really an honor and a blessing,” Pesola said.

The Evergreen Award is organized by the Zonta Club of the Marquette Area and was first awarded in 2007 to honor individuals in the Marquette community who are inspirational in their roles and mentors of women and girls.