Volunteers prepare for Negaunee community clothing resale

NEGAUNEE — Volunteers have been working hard in Negaunee today, sorting through clothing items to help teachers meet the needs of their classrooms.

The Lakeview Elementary School clothing resale takes up about an acre of floor space in the gymnasium. It’s taken place every year since 1992.

Some of the proceeds go to the Lakeview Parent Teacher Partnership, which helps teachers pay for individual needs that aren’t addressed in the budget. The rest of the money goes to the people who donated each sold item.

“People start, usually, in the spring,” resale coordinator Jill Seppala said. “They’ll start getting their stuff together, and then throughout the summer some people work on their stuff. The donations belong to each individual seller, so they work on them, they tag them and price them themselves, and then they bring them to us the week of the sale.”

It runs from 9 to 4 tomorrow and from noon until 3 on Sunday. Admission is free.

Most items will be marked half-off on Sunday. Items still unsold after that will be donated to area residents in need.