UPDATE: Bernard Fish’s sentencing delayed

UPDATE: 4:15 p.m.

L’ANSE — The sentencing of the Wisconsin man recently convicted of armed robbery in Baraga County has been delayed.

Bernard Fish, 47, of Shawano, Wisconsin appeared for sentencing this morning.

During the hearing, his attorney raised numerous objections to Fish’s pre-sentence investigation report. Judge Charles Goodman overruled all of them except one. That objection concerned information that Fish created a homemade knife while being held in the Baraga County Jail. If true, that information could affect his sentence.

Fish’s attorney says neither he nor his client have seen a video from the jail that is alleged to show Fish with the knife.

“I have not seen a report of this homemade shank,” defense attorney Matthew Tingstad said. “I have heard rumors of it, your honor. That might need to be further explored.”

Judge Goodman asked, “I gather from your comment, Mr. Tingstad, there’s a video that is appropriate to the score of OV 19 (the section of the pre-sentence report that deals with the knife)?”

“Yeah, there was a video at the Baraga County Jail that is referenced in the report,” Baraga County Prosecuting Attorney Joseph O’Leary said. “I can understand why Mr. Tingstad would want to see it.”

An evidentiary hearing will take place at 11 a.m. Thursday to further explore the knife issue. Fish and his attorney will be given a chance to watch the jail video before then.

Fish could serve life in prison for an armed robbery last year of what he thought was a marijuana grow operation in Watton.


L’ANSE — Bernard Fish’s sentencing has been delayed in Baraga County Circuit Court.

An evidentiary hearing is set to take place at 11 a.m. Thursday to address an issue in Fish’s pre-sentence investigation report.  Fish’s attorney brought up the issue in court Monday.

Earlier this month, a jury found Bernard Fish guilty of seven counts:  two counts each of armed robbery, extortion, and unlawful imprisonment and one count of impersonating a peace officer to commit a crime for is involvement in a Watton armed robbery.

ABC 10 will have more details on what happened in court at 5:30.