MARQUETTE — A surgical implant company is adding employees at its manufacturing plant in Marquette.

Florida-based RTI Surgical will soon be running manufacturing operations in Marquette 24 hours a day. The company recently hired more than 30 employees and is in the process of hiring about 20 more. The additional employees should be hired within the next few months.

“Due to some recent increase in global demand for our product, we decided to expand our manufacturing operations through the addition of a third shift,” RTI Marquette vice president of administration Eric Baldwin said. “An expansion of our work force is a positive sign of growth for our company, and also it shows our commitment to our facility here in Marquette.”

The Marquette facility is the second-largest plant that RTI owns. The plant did business under the name of Pioneer Surgical Technology until RTI bought it last year.

“We’ve started training some of our third-shift employees and we’ve actually opened up a third shift just recently,” Baldwin said. “We’re going to be filling that out over the next few months, so we should really be hitting full stride just towards the end of the year and into January.”

RTI Surgical sells its implants in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Baldwin says anyone can go to the Careers section of their website, , to find out more about their job openings.